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Napform is the best form tool for precise and reliable answers.

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Advanced Field Type Library

Ask for a weight in kilograms, dimensions in centimeters, durations in seconds - instead of just a number.


Proper Input Validation

Gracefully reject inputs and formats you don't want.

Help people set it right immediately, so there's less follow-ups and delays.


Track Requests.
Keep Overview.

Track completion progress for peace of mind.
A dashboard to see who you've sent a form to.


Automate Reminders.

Remind people without manually writing emails every time.
Send a friendly reminder after 2 days, or 4, or whenever.

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What is Napform?

We're a form tool designed for answer precision - reducing manual data cleaning, follow-ups, and delays.

On 25,325 answers to 2,451 forms created, manual corrections and follow ups have decreased by 83% on average by using Napform 🔥

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a usage limit? // Most of Napforms features are free.

Can you develop a custom field type for us? // Yes definitely, get in touch!

Can I integrate it with...? // We have csv import export - more integrations coming soon!

Can I do … with Napform? // Get in touch and we'll figure it out together!


Join hundreds of organizations saving time and money handling form responses.

"This tool is incredibly powerful saving us a full-time position per month! 😍" - Ole Kannapinn

No signup required

Out of the millions of form answers given today, only 8% will not need manual correction or follow-up to get usable data.

Yes, while everybody can hack together a quick form these days (thanks Google Forms + Typeform!), it’s still so hard to make sure answers are in the format you need them to be.

Most form tools have two challenges with getting precise answers:

  1. 1. Helping askers pose clear questions and set meaningful context.
  2. 2. Guiding respondents to give what’s needed in the right format.

That’s why we built Napform - to give you a better way to get the responses you’re after.

In the last 12 months we’ve helped create over 200 forms (like yours) collecting 40.000 awesomely precise answers. We’d love for you to give it a try.

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Aron Seiffert, Co-Founder of Napform
Markus Ehret, Co-Founder of Napform